After Rev. Randolph’s retirement, the late Rev. Robert J. Anderson was called to pastor the Nazareth Baptist Church, where he served for three years.  While Rev. Anderson’s tenure was short, it was during his pastorate that the old church was leveled and the new one was built in 1977.  After approximately one year of searching, the church called as the third pastor of the Nazareth Baptist Church in July 1979, Rev. Edward E. Butler.


¨ During Rev. Butler’s pastorate the church was tremendously blessed.   The membership grew and the music ministry expanded with the formation of the Mass Choir.  Rev. Butler developed   regular fellowship   opportunities   with   other   churches   in   the   Washington,   D.C., Maryland and Virginia area and licensed men and women to the gospel ministry.  The following ministers were licensed under Rev. Butler:

¨ Rev. Jessicener Williamson

¨ Rev. James Short,

¨ Bishop James Martin, Sr.

¨ Evangelist Ruth Bellfield

¨ Evangelist Josie Butler

¨ Evangelist Anna Noel Harrington

¨ Minister Harold Alexander. 


One of the most significant accomplishments under Rev. Butler was having the church building debt declared “PAID IN FULL.”   The mortgage burning service was held in September of 2002 and it was a great celebration for the church.   Under Rev. Butler’s leadership, the youth ministry was developed, the mortgage was burned, and fellowship with other churches grew.  In December of 2006, after 27 years of leading Nazareth Baptist Church, Rev. Butler ended his term as pastor.

The Anderson/Butler Years